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Blind Floor

Discover the Blind Floor, a new tile floor inspired by the mysterious eye tiles from Breda Castle. Read more below.


11 Junetot02 July 2023

Mensen schilderen een kunstwerk geïnspireerd op de mysterieuze oogtegels uit het Kasteel van Breda op de grond

Blind floor

Inspired by the old eye tiles from Breda Castle, Spanish artist Javier de Riba will create a large new 20 x 20 m tile floor on the Kasteelplein from June 11-17. The floor curls up to 3 meters on one side, allowing you to see the pattern clearly. The artwork can be viewed and photographed through July 2. There are all kinds of activities (dance, music, sports, history).


Boschstraat 22
4811 GH, Breda
+31 76529 99

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